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Padi's singular strength is our ability to design volunteer projects based on the goals, strengths and specific interests of students. Our team is dedicated to co-creating a rewarding and impactful experience for all sides involved. 


All fellowships are unpaid. Below is a list of the most current volunteer opportunities Many internships are designed off-the-list, with the involvement of the applicant and on-the-ground partners. There are opportunities in all sectors - private, private and hybrid - in fields of impact assessment, social enterprise, community development, eduction, health, marketing, strategic consulting, refugees, women and others.


Some of the descriptions below are more specific than others. In all cases, scope of work and project description is worked out at a later stage, following conversations and agreements between students and employers.  Many fellowships are open to more than one applicant. 

For more information, please contact padi at


2019 Fellowships

2018 Internships

2017 Internships

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