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Aliyah Quereshi

Aliyah Qureshi is a student at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. In 2017 she worked for AMAN (Asian Muslim Action Network), a NGO based in Jakarta, working on women and religious tolerance. Aliyah has worked on conducting programs on family conflict resolution, education, entrepreneurship and religious tolerance. Aliyah had an amazing experience interacting with members of local communities as she collected stories and featured moderate Muslim women in their daily struggles and victories. Aliyah's tasks included understanding and using ocial media in the context of women and Islam. Given the prevalence and salience of social media in Jakarta, this platform has presented a unique opportunity to give a human face to the experiences of Muslim women in Jakarta. Aliyah can be reached at:

Carolyn Paletta

Carolyn Paletta is a student at Brown University with great experience in field journalism and political science. In the summer of 2017, Carolyn interned with Ranu Welum, a youth organization working to protecting the indigenous Dayak culture and forests in Kalimantan. Carolyn ended up working with a range of international organizations and independent film-makers and producing original content for Ranu Welum.

Christine Yan

Christine Yan is a Georgetown student who worked for Ranu Welum, a youth empowerment environmental organization. Christine worked in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan but ended up traveling to other parts of Indonesia. Her internship was designed to support the advocacy and education campaigns of Ranu Welum, relating to fire-prevention and peat land preservation.

Jimena Terrazas

Jimena is a student at Brown University with previous experience in researching the connection between indigenous populations and the environment. Her internship focused on supporting the organization outreach and social media. Jimena and Christine Yan worked side by side supporting the work of Ranu Welum in Kalimantan. The area is one of the hotspots in global climate change, with much of its original forest cut down and an effort to pursue some forest reforestation disastrous fires, and re-establish local environmental preservation. This is also the heartland of Dayak culture, an indigenous group, in many ways similar to the Native American tribes in North America.

Meredith Peng

Meredith is a recent graduate of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service with interest in technology and social-impact start ups. In the summer of 2017, she worked for, the most successful crowd- sourcing start-up in Indonesia. Meredith worked on a variety of projects, including onboarding international schools to the Kitabisa platform, English language translation, user experience research and design, and product development. Currently, she is interning at the Kitabisa lab and continuing with her project in product development. Meredith can be reached at:

Nikunj Beria

Nikunj Beria is a graduate student in Global Human Development at Georgetown University. In 2017 he worked with APIK ( Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim dan Ketangguhan), a project supported by DAI and USAID. Nikunj worked with project partners and community leaders on climate change adaptation policies and models. Specifically, he worked with the communication team on developing private-public partnerships. Nikunj can be reached at:

Rachel Schwartz

Rachel Schwartz is a student of Biomedicine at George Washington University. In 2017, she worked with Hayandra Clinic and Lab, under the supervision of Dr. Karina Mughni, a surgeon who has started a program for free cleft surgery for the poor and has operated on thousand of kids around Indonesia. She is now getting her doctorate in stem cell research, specifically for battling cancer cells. Rachel can be reached at:

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Ariana Calabrese

Ariana is also a student at Georgetown interested in community development and entrepreneurship. In the summer of 2016, she volunteered at Rumah Perubahan (House of Change) to support the social entrepreneurship projects in Bekasi, just outside Jakarta. She worked on the marketing and packaging of high-quality tempeh (tofu) and other local products, collaborating with local businesses on promoting small start-up enterprises. 

Erin Weaver

Erin is a 2016 fellow working with the Wildlife Conservation Society - Indonesia Program. She contributed to policy briefs on non-native species in Indonesia. She also helped set up an early database on CITES species data in the country, as well as helped support responses to COP submissions on helmeted hornbill and other species. As with the other interns, Erin experienced Indonesia's hospitality and customs. 

Sarah Sampei

Sarah is a Georgetown student majoring in culture and politics. She believes that understanding the intersection of culture and politics is only possible when you immerse yourself in the life of people. Sarah worked at the early education program PAUD at Rumah Perubahan with Ibu Lisa Khasali, where she participated in program development, teachers' training and social media campaigns. In 2017, Sarah is applying to the Fulbright Program to return to Indonesia. 

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