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Our Process

Your job is to advance knowledge, make friendships,

overcome fears and break down cultural biases.






  • Look through the website for a specific internship or area of work that interest you. If and when you find something that grabs your attention, contact us to say hi and express your interest.

  • If you don't find anything that interests you but have an idea for an internship or the desire to work in Indonesia, contact us anyway. We will work with you to find the most fitting professional opportunity for you.  

  • We will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a call and discuss your goals.



  • Apply online here. The application form is a brief questionnaire plus a request for your CV and cover letter. 

  • All of Padi's team will review your application carefully and engage with you again with suggestions and options that match your profile.





  • Padi will send your CV and cover letter to potential host organizations and begin discussions on goals and objectives.  

  • Padi will arrange an online interview with host organization and begin fine-tuning project objectives and responsibilities.

  • Collectively we will move toward final selection and drafting of Scope of Work and review.



  • Padi issues a letter of acceptance and other documents necessary for visa application.

  • Students begin to organize travel arrangements, travel insurance, financial support, and academic or other arrangements with their university. 

  • If home stay is an option and a choice, Padi arranges an interview with host family. 

  • Interns apply for a socio-cultural visa at the nearest Indonesian Embassy. Visas are valid for 60 days but can be extended for up to 6 months. Padi provides assistance and guidance on visa arrangements. 

  • When the internship has been accepted by you and your host organization, you will receive a placement fee invoice for $500.




  • Padi arranges airport pick-up and transport.

  • Padi offers support with housing arrangements.

  • Padi interns participate in an inter-cultural orientation upon arrival in Indonesia.

  • Padi staff in Jakarta - Kristin and Sara - offer continuous and ongoing support regarding all matters of the interns' professional and personal wellbeing.

  • You will have a choice to attend dinners and meet fellow interns, former interns and padi support network.

  • Visit U.S. Embassy and a chance to meet the U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia.

  • Chance to participate in workshops and presentations with Indonesian students. 

  • Chance to build your business and personal network. 




  • At the end of your internship, interns are invited to share their internship lessons learned and experience in a Capstone Presentation.

  • Interns are invited to reflect on their project(s), cultural experiences, and provide feedback for both padi and the host organization. 

  • Padi staff can offer support toward maximizing internship outcomes by encouraging and facilitating publications and other deliverables, depending on specific circumstances and expressed interest.

  • Fellowship is completed.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and final decision for volunteer placement is at the discretion of the host organisation/company. If a student is applying for a grant or academic credit from their university, they are responsible for observing external deadlines. 

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