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padi Fellowships are unpaid volunteer opportunities for student from the United States with companies and organizations in Indonesia. padi staff focuses on designing specialized experiences with professional teams working on big problems, requiring big solutions. Areas of expertise include social entrepreneurship, environment, women and youth empowerment, tech start-ups, consulting and education.  


Payments and Fees:

padi Fellowships charges interns and organizations a nominal fee of US$500 to cover partly administrative expenses and airport pick up. No fees go toward staff salaries or overhead office expenses. Fees go entirely toward student and host-organization support. 


For Fellows: 

  • Fellows are unpaid and commit to covering all travel and health insurance expenses. 

  • Fellows are also responsible for their meals and travel expenses in Indonesia.  

  • Fellows are required to pay a placement fee of US$500 upon completion of letter of agreement. 


For Host Organization:

  • Host organizations do not pay fellows a salary or stipend.

  • There is a placement fee of US$500 which host organizations are required to pay to padi upon signing of letter of agreement, which is issued after organizations select, approve and agree on a specific program and candidate. 

  • Host organizations are encouraged to provide a meal at the office whenever possible. 

padi Program can issue a waiver to the Host Organization for the placement fee, depending on specific circumstances. Many of our partner organizations are grassroots or start-up non-government organizations, where funding is limited or unavailable.  All of our padi staff works on voluntary basis, devoting hundreds of hours to what we believe in and love to do. We understand what it is to work on a shoestring budget. If you believe, your organization has extenuating circumstances and would like to request a waiver, please email us stating the reasons for the request.

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