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     Padi exists because of the dedication and energy of many people who want to support engaged young people and open-minded corporations and organizations. As societies and as people, we all benefit from the free exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practices. Universities continue to be the breeding ground of new concepts and innovation and young graduates carry the promise of a better future. At the same time, many private and public institutions remain the place where action takes place, where policies are made and implemented, products tested and marketed. Our corporations and organizations make ideas work and knowledge count.


   This is why we need the support of college deans, university programs, foundations, multinational corporations, village mayors, nongovernmental organizations, advocacy groups, community leaders. Open societies and young people need everybody.


Padi would like to explore ways in which you - an advocate, a researcher, a business executive, an IT specialist, a consultant, or just anybody - can get involved.  


Think about these questions and let us know your thoughts:

  • Would you like to host volunteers for lunch or dinner?

  • Would you like to show them where you work or where you live?

  • Would you like to take them or arrange a tour to Jakarta, Manado, Lombok, Padang….?

  • Could you take them to a concert or a dance performance?

  • Could you take them to the mosque, or church or temple?

  • Could you contribute toward their meals and travel?

  • Can your company sponsor a student from a leading graduate program to volunteer in Indonesia?

  • Do you have a place for a volunteer or two to stay for a couple of days, for a week?



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