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What kinds of internship opportunities do we offer?

There are a wide range of opportunities in both the corporate and nonprofit world. We offer opportunities in many fields. We can also work with you and your school to secure other opportunites which will suit your professional and academic goals.

What is a typical Padi internship like?

A typical Padi internship offers you an impactful, real-world experience suited to your strengths and interests. Our Padi team has a wide and diverse network of companies and people who can work with you on designing the best program for you. In the past, we have had interns working on/in social enterprise, start-ups, field and video journalism, climate change, marketing, female empowerment, education and more.

Are Padi internships paid?

No. International students are not allowed to receive payment in any form (salery, stipend, etc.). We can, however, support interns efforts to secure outside funding and school credit. We can offer assistance in providing benefits such as home stays and room and board.

How long are the internships?

International students can have full-time internships for six to eight weeks. Most students choose to stay for up to eight weeks. It is possible to arrange internships for up to to six months.

What kind of students are companies/organizations looking for?

Our partners are looking for motivated, committed, open-minded individuals. They look for people who have the desire to learn, the ability to work independently, and individuals who can adhere to core values of respect and honesty.

What is the cost of interning in Indonesia?

The cost of living in Indonesia during a 4-8 week period of time depends on where you will live as an intern and your general lifestyle choices. If you find an independent accommodation in Jakarta and you decide to go to expensive restaurants, life can be expensive. If we find a host family situation, room and board will be covered. Transportation is generally not expensive, but if you decide to travel in Indonesia on your own, that will add to your expenses. Total cost can be anywhere between $1,500-$3,000 (including air travel).

How are Padi internships different?

Padi is interested in deepening the process of learning; which is why we work to bring a greater measure of reflection, intention- and goal-setting for candidates. We also care to complete internships that have a real and positive impact on the host organization; which is why Padi works hard during the pre-internship stage, to clarify goals, design an effective program, and SMART goals. Throughout the program, Padi stays closely engaged with interns and their mentors to provide assistance and support to their professional and personal wellbeing.

What are the steps to complete an internship?

At the end of an internship, students are invited to an informal presentation to reflect on internship outcomes, lessons learned, personal development, and overall experience.

Are there any application fees?

There is no fee to submit an application. If you are successfully matched with a company, there is a $500 fee to cover administrative and program expenses. The fee goes toward vetting candidates for internships, background checks, local arrangements, individual program preparation, airport pick up, and other expenses.

How are candidates selected for internships?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Once received, Padi initiates a dialogue with candidates and opens up an independent dialogue between the candidate and the host organization to assess interest and applicability. We strive to create balance between the volunteer learning goals and the needs of the host organization. Successful internships are those where candidates and organizations have a free and open disucssion about their intentions and goals.

Can multiple candidates be assigned to the same opportunity?

Depending on the opportunity, it is possible to have more than one intern working on the same project. If there are two or three candidates who want to come as a group, accommodations will be made for these candidates to be assigned to the same project or same location.

What cultural and other activities are available to interns?

We encourage students to explore and discover Indonesia and its culture and people. The main goal of the Padi programs remains the completion of a professional volutneer experience. That said, Padi facilitates a conversation between interns and their host organization about vacation time, travel and cultural activities. In addition to travel, Padi can organize speaking and presentation engagments for our students at Indonesian universities, cultural centers and others. We also help arrange a visit with the Ambassador of the United States to Indonesia and other members of the U.S. diplomatic community.

What support does Padi provide to interns on the ground?

Padi staff offers continuous and all-encompassing support to interns. We are there from the first stages of internship formulation to final internship deliverables. We help with procuring visa, finding a place to stay, airport transfers and transportation, orientation, cultural activities and many more. Kristin and Sara stay closely engaged with students and mentors throughout the program. We pride ourselves in offering personal and professional support, feedback, networks, recommendation letters and whatever else is needed for the success of our interns. We believe in long-term relationships and success.