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Doug Robbins

George Washington University


Doug Robbins is a rising junior at the George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs. He is double majoring in International Economics and Geology, and is interested in the trade and use of natural resources in developing countries. Doug enjoys being out in nature, is a professional SCUBA diver, and speaks 4 languages. 


As a Padi intern, Doug worked with the World Conservation Society's Marine Program, creating financial analyses for small scale farmers in Teluk Saleh, West Nuggara Province. He compiled data from over 350 fishermen to determine profitability metrics and examine the impact of fishing activities on the populations of grouper and snapper within Teluk Saleh. 

Katelyn Barr

Georgetown University


Katelyn is majoring in international relations and minoring in environmental studies. She's interned as a consultant at Mcbee Associates, and has held various fundraising, programming and researchers jobs.

Katelyn worked for Wildlife Conservation Society in engaging the private sector in the coffee industry, as well as government and communities, to address deforestation and support farmer livelihoods. She also designed a Landscape Financing Model to include donors, funds, and smallholder financing scheme: loans for smallholder farmers conditional on zero deforestation practices. 

Naazneen Gill

Bucknell College

Nazneen .jpg

Naazneen is majoring in environmental studies and history, and has background in education research and policy.

As a Padi Intern, Naazneen worked with the Wildlife Trade and Policy Team at WCS Indonesia. She worked with the trade and policy team, to create a literature review database concerning the legal and illegal trade of CITES-listed species, as well as destructive fishing practices. In addition to the database, she also assisted in the creation of an outline that listed all known virtual capacity building methods and their effectiveness. 

Elfriede Kudom-Agyemang

George Washington University 


Elfriede Kudom-Agyemang is a Ghanaian MA candidate of George Washington University’s International Development Studies program. She is extremely passionate about humanitarian aid and is interested in basically anything related to development, traveling, and experiencing different cultures, trying out new recipes and foods, making new friends and swimming. 

As a Business Development Intern, she worked with Duithape on developing models for a cashless payment system for the unbanked population, thus, helping to bridge the poverty gaps in Indonesia.

Mali Nichols

Georgetown University

Mali Nichols.jpg

Mali Nichols is a student at Georgetown University studying in Computer Science and minoring in International Affairs. I am interested in environmental justice and social innovation and enjoys nature, art, and long conversation about everything under the sun. I moved around a lot so I say that I am from nowhere and everywhere. This summer I am working with Wildlife Conservation Society of Indonesia conducting literature reviews on connections between anthropogenic environmental degradation and disease emergence. 

Nma Chinaza Agada

George Washington University

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 4.24.23 PM.png

Nma is a graduate student of International Development and the recipient of various fellowship awards. She has worked previously as a project assistant at the GW Investment Institute and a consultant in Nigeria, focusing on environmental issues. 

In 2020 she interned for Dhuithape fintech start up working on financial and social measurability models. You can see her testimony and vlog in the Vlog section of our website. 


Lizzeth Rosales

UCLA's Anderson School of Management

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 1.26.29 PM.png

Lizzeth focuses on Social Impact, Sustainability, and Global Management.

Lizzeth spent her entire career as a social justice advocate, working to uplift low-income communities of color and break down the structural barriers that keep us from realizing our full potential. 

She plans to leverage her Anderson MBA to expand access to opportunities for other disenfranchised communities on a larger scale.


Over the summer of 2019, she worked on developing impact assessment models for Dhithape, an fintech start up working on providing financial options to the bottom third in Indonesia.

Zinab Eisa

Brown University

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 2.31.43 PM.png

Zinab is a sophomore at Brown University from Denver, Colorado. 


As a student at Brown, Zinab works on the use of arts in public planning, to the integration of the arts into health-care facilities.

As a Padi intern, Zinab participated in an educational exchange program with ASRI, the community clinic in Western Kalimantan. She was able to combine her interests in the medical field and the financial sector to work on clinical data research and analysis on the effectiveness of the ASRI health clinic.


Zinab also had the chance to explore conservation and reforestation work and community education programs during her time in Indonesia. Watch her short video in Vlog.

Noah Ahmed

Georgetown University


Noah is a junior at the School of Foreign Service, focusing on Chinese, Spanish and international politics. 

Noah is a junior at Georgetown University.

Noah has interned at the Millken Institute in Singapore and worked on collateral insurance system for a Mongolian Bank.

As a Padi intern, Noah worked with Gerakan Kepedulian Indonesia to create and implement impact assessment strategies so GK could assess the success of their programs. Watch his short video in Vlog.

Muram Ibrahim

Brown University

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 2.17.38 PM.png

Muram is a sophomore at Brown University who is still exploring her options for a major. She works at Model UN and Presidential Scholars Researcher. She is also working with a program on fostering community and collaborative learning among Muslim and Jewish fifth graders in the Providence. 


As a Padi intern, Muram worked with ASRI, a community health clinic in Kalimantan, doing data research on patient experience in the clinic. She also participated in other programs, like the chainsaw buy back. In addition to those experiences, Muram worked on a video on ASRI’s educational exchange program.  Watch her short video in Vlog.

Nicholas Okerlund

Georgetown University

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 2.41.20 PM.png

Nick is a junior at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. He is passionate about social impact and human development, which is why is a part of Georgetown Global Consulting (GGC).


As a Georgetown student and consultant, Nick has been writing for school newspaper and journals, as well as studies on comparative politics, corruption and law equity. 

As a Padi intern, Nick worked with Gerakan Kepedulian Indonesia on community development organization working in Jakarta's projects or underprivileged communities, called rusunawas. Specifically, Nick worked on developing a survey to assess the needs and capacity of the rusunawa's youth. He also worked on developing a survey to assess the adequacy of programs implemented to address the youths’ needs. Watch his short video in Vlog.

Sarah Cammarota

Georgetown University


Sarah is a junior at Georgetown University. She is a member of Georgetown Global Consulting, a program which offers pro bono consulting services to social impact organizations around the world.


As a Padi intern, Sarah worked with Gerakan Kepedulian Indonesia on youth development, developing an impact, and needs and capacity assessments.

Sarah is a writer and deputy editor for The Hoya’s arts and culture magazine: The Guide. Watch her short video in Vlog.

Jon Furlong

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 4.40.47 PM.png

Georgetown University

Jon is a student in International Politics and journalism who brings  skills in social media strategy, and web design. Jon has filmed and edited news stories, interviews, campus events, marketing materials, and athletic games at Georgetown. He has also Initiated a video series addressing issues regarding race and identity at Georgetown.

Just like the other Georgetown Consulting Club fellows, Jon is working with GK community development organization in Jakarta. 

Kunihiro Hara


University of Wisconsin

Kinihiro is a BA student at the University of Wisconsin. He is majoring in International Relations with a minor in Southeast Asian Studies. He is driven to understand regional and international relations from the perspective of "an unbiased global citizen", a student at a U.S. university from Japan, studying Bahasa Indonesia and Southeast Asia.  

As a Padi intern, Kunihiro worked with Yayasan Pulih, an organization providing counseling services to youth and women.



University of Michigan


Hui-Yuan is a rising senior in the University of Michigan. Majoring in Political Science and minoring in History, she is interested in studying the political structures in Souheast Asia and the post-colonial socio-political development in the region.

Hui Yuan work at Gerakan Kepedulian (GK) on education and economic programs for the rusunawa communities in Jakarta. In particular, she will be working on youth empowerment and community development. 

Minjoo Jang

Johns Hopkins University SAIS


Minjoo Jang is a dual degree ML and MA candidate at Tsinghua University and a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Concentrating in Southeast Asia Studies and specializing in development economics, she is interested in studying social and economic development in Southeast Asia.

Minjoo work at the ReachOut Foundation, an early childhood education NGO based in Jakarta. She will focus on evaluating and assessing its PAUD SuryaKasih pre-school project outcomes.

Amara Majeed

Brown University


Amara Majeed is a rising senior at Brown University, with a focus on international relations. She has already wide-ranging experience working with media-, policy- and advocacy organizations. She is the author of a book and the founder of the Hijab Project.  

Amara  interning at the World Food Program, doing health policy work specifically pertaining to adolescent girls in Indonesia. 

Benjamin Lavin

Georgetown Universtity


Benjamin Lavin is a graduate student in the Masters Program in Global Human Development at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. His graduate work focuses on quantitative analysis with the hope of bringing these skills to a career in international development.

Ben  interning with the United Nations Development Program on creating financial solutions to help meet the sustainable development goal targets.

Nadia Esham

Johns Hopkins University SAIS


Nadia Esham is currently pursuing a Master of Arts at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) Johns Hopkins University concentrating in Southeast Asia Studies. Originally from Malaysia, she is currently pursuing a specialization in Quantitative Methods and Economic Theory at SAIS and is interested in socio-economic development in Southeast Asia.


Nadia  interning at DuitHape, a financial technology startup aimed at increasing financial access to the 76% of people in Indonesia who still lack access to financial services. She will be working on establishing a measure to monitor and evaluate the social impact of their mobile banking product.

Luqmaan Bokhary

Brown University


Luqmaan Bokhary is a rising sophomore at Brown University majoring in International Relations, with a focus on the Middle East, and Economics. He's interested in studying the history of colonialism and foreign policy towards the Muslim world.

Luqmaan work at the Roshan Learning Center, a community-based education program for urban refugees residing in the greater Jakarta area. He will be working with refugee youth and adults as an English instructor and engage in research on refugees in Indonesia.

Aliyah Quereshi

Georgetown University


Aliyah Qureshi is a student at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. In 2017 she worked for AMAN (Asian Muslim Action Network), a NGO based in Jakarta, working on women and religious tolerance. Aliyah has worked on conducting programs on family conflict resolution, education, entrepreneurship and religious tolerance.


Aliyah had an amazing experience interacting with members of local communities as she collected stories and featured moderate Muslim women in their daily struggles and victories. Aliyah's tasks included understanding and using ocial media in the context of women and Islam. Given the prevalence and salience of social media in Jakarta, this platform has presented a unique opportunity to give a human face to the experiences of Muslim women in Jakarta. 

Jimena Terrazas

Brown University


Jimena is a student at Brown University with previous experience in researching the connection between indigenous populations and the environment. Her internship focused on supporting the organization outreach and social media.


Jimena and Christine Yan worked side by side supporting the work of Ranu Welum in Kalimantan. The area is one of the hotspots in global climate change, with much of its original forest cut down and an effort to pursue some forest reforestation disastrous fires, and re-establish local environmental preservation. This is also the heartland of Dayak culture, an indigenous group, in many ways similar to the Native American tribes in North America


Christine Yan

Georgetown University


Christine Yan is a Georgetown student who worked for Ranu Welum, a youth empowerment environmental organization.


Christine worked in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan but ended up traveling to other parts of Indonesia. Her internship was designed to support the advocacy and education campaigns of Ranu Welum, relating to fire-prevention and peat land preservation.

Meredith Peng

Georgetown University

headshot boro.png

Meredith is a recent graduate of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service with interest in technology and social-impact start ups. In the summer of 2017, she worked for, the most successful crowd- sourcing start-up in Indonesia.


Meredith worked on a variety of projects, including onboarding international schools to the Kitabisa platform, English language translation, user experience research and design, and product development. Currently, she is interning at the Kitabisa lab and continuing with her project in product development. 

Rachel Schwartz

Georgetown University


Rachel Schwartz is a student of Biomedicine at George Washington University.


In 2017, she worked with Hayandra Clinic and Lab, under the supervision of Dr. Karina Mughni, a surgeon who has started a program for free cleft surgery for the poor and has operated on thousand of kids around Indonesia. She is now getting her doctorate in stem cell research, specifically for battling cancer cells.

Carolyn Paletta

Brown University


Carolyn Paletta is a student at Brown University with great experience in field journalism and political science.


In the summer of 2017, Carolyn interned with Ranu Welum, a youth organization working to protecting the indigenous Dayak culture and forests in Kalimantan. Carolyn ended up working with a range of international organizations and independent film-makers and producing original content for Ranu Welum.

Nikunj Beria

Georgetown University


Nikunj Beria is a graduate student in Global Human Development at Georgetown University.


In 2017 he worked with APIK ( Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim dan Ketangguhan), a project supported by DAI and USAID. Nikunj worked with project partners and community leaders on climate change adaptation policies and models. Specifically, he worked with the communication team on developing private-public partnerships


Ariana Calabrese

Georgetown University


Ariana is a student at Georgetown interested in community development and entrepreneurship.


In the summer of 2016, she volunteered at Rumah Perubahan (House of Change) to support the social entrepreneurship projects in Bekasi, just outside Jakarta. She worked on the marketing and packaging of high-quality tempeh (tofu) and other local products, collaborating with local businesses on promoting small start-up enterprises. 

Sarah Sampei

Georgetown University


Sarah is a Georgetown student majoring in culture and politics. She believes that understanding the intersection of culture and politics is only possible when you immerse yourself in the life of people.


Sarah worked at the early education program PAUD at Rumah Perubahan with Ibu Lisa Khasali, where she participated in program development, teachers' training and social media campaigns. In 2017, Sarah is applying to the Fulbright Program to return to Indonesia. 

Erin Weaver

Georgetown University


Erin is a 2016 fellow working with the Wildlife Conservation Society - Indonesia Program. She contributed to policy briefs on non-native species in Indonesia. She also helped set up an early database on CITES species data in the country, as well as helped support responses to COP submissions on helmeted hornbill and other species. As with the other interns, Erin experienced Indonesia's hospitality and customs. 

Curious to know what the day in the life of a Padi Fellow is like? See some of our pictures. 

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